Funkbüro is a small and exquisite German design and advertising agency. We develop ideas that make waves. Welcome to our website!

Our work…

……has the Blues, makes dreams come true, sells old masters, styles young beauties, remembers the past, drills for oil, fills hotel rooms, galleries and concert halls, it sells rooftop tents, tarmac and renewable energy, it brings athletes, TV ads and ozone therapy to your attention, it gathers knowledge, cuts costs, and plays ball. And that is just the beginning!

We develop and design quality communication tools across the entire analog and digital spectrum. We strive for originality, elegance and efficiency at all times. Our award-winning work is provocative, sensual and affordable. We offer highly professional, passionate service. That is why our clients come to us. And because we tend to achieve excellent results together, they keep on coming back!

Company Profile

Funkbüro, which translates as »Radio Office«, is a small and exquisite full-service design and advertising agency based in Hamburg, Germany. We have been in operation for more than eight years, working on behalf of our clients from three continents as well as sub-contracting for other agencies.

During this time we have been fortunate to work with entrepreneurs, firms and businesses from all walks of life, among them Energy, Automotive, Construction, Services, Management Consultancy, Politics, Education, Film & Television, Health & Medicine, Entertainment, Sports, Tourism, I.T. and the Arts.


Nik Schramm (CEO)
Born in 1965 in Hamburg, Germany. Studied design in London and music in Los Angeles. Lived in England and the U.S. for over a decade. Founded Funkbüro in 1999 and has been working as a designer, programmer and software developer ever since. Repeatedly asked to beta-test Macromedia Flash back in the days when that was still something remarkable. Loves type and old books. Has discovered analog black and white photography and the double bass as balancing passions in his life.

Anri Schramm (Consulting, Concept, Public Relations)
Born in 1973 in Pretoria (RSA). Studied art and music in South Africa and Los Angeles. Has been living in Hamburg since 1994. For several years she managed and co-ordinated projects for a local charitable organisation. Currently, she leads a secret double life as a songwriter, singer and pianist.

Been there, done it.

Try us, we can mix it with the best of them. Some day soon we hope to find the time to translate the entire website, but in the meantime, have a look around our site. The text may be German, but there are tons of visual delights.

Nik Schramm

Nik Schramm

Anri Schramm

Anri Schramm

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